Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Ocean Salt

Top-Gina Tricot
Maxi Skirt-Hollister

hey everyone, 
on todays blogpost I'm wearing my favorite flower top and my maxi skirt. I searched for a skirt like this a half a year. Luckily I found one in Italy (Hollister). My sister took these pictures on a cliff and in front of us, was the sea. It was a beautiful and except for a fisher and some hippies, there was no one around. You know that smell in the air, when you spend time by the ocean. That's what these pictures remind me about. 
School's very hard at the moment. I have to learn everyday until 10:30p.m and I don't get enough sleep und free time, but I still like going to school. I hope you all are healthy and happy and if you don't, try something new, which you think, helps you to think positive!
I wish you a wonderful evening!