Sunday, 15 March 2015

Discovering: Subdued

today is discovering sunday. 
last tuesday i went to firenze with intercultura like we did when we went to venice. it was wonderful weather and firenze is amazing. when we arrived i saw a shop which i really liked. it's called "subdued" i asked my host sister about it and she said we also have one in our town. so i went there on friday and bought 3 things 2 of them i also found online (see pictures). i would have bought more but summer isn't here yet so i go again in the summer time because most shirts are belly tops also the sweaters. so i had to buy high waisted jeans to wear the 2 nice tops from there. they sizes are a bit special. but they have only little sizes so i had to send my little sister many times to search one bigger bc i'm quite tall but maybe the bigger sizes were all sold out. the shirts and tops are very elastic, so that's also great.
the store is a bit similar to brandy & melville but he has more high cropped things and belly tops. 
if you like a bit the classic style of the 70s with high waisted jeans, you will love the store as i do. 
click here if you want to get to the website. 
nice sunday to you all!
-alena sonego

i bought this top. the details on the back are amazing and i love the colour. 

this i want to but i couldn't find it. it's so different and nice bc it's off shoulders, what i love.

this i will buy too bc i searched so long for this. but i will first look around in other stores and if i don't find one i like more i buy this.

these are the wonderful high waisted jeans i bought. mine rise a bit more and they look better than here on the picture.
i love them and i paid for them 50euros, but there real jeans. i prefer real jeans, bc it holds longer.also mine have high ankles.

Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.
- Rumi

Saturday, 14 March 2015

blank page

my new blog

i don’t understand how my room gets so messy when i literally sit in one spot with my laptop all day.

my new tumblr

hi and welcome to my updated blog, 
it was a hard piece of work and i spent a lot of time in front of my laptop but i completely updated the blog and made everything new, even the pages about and contact but i also added a page called gallery. there you can find my favorite pictures at the moment, that i or my sister made. if you want to see  pictures i like in general go on my tumblr. i also worked a long time on my tumblr and updated also my tumblr. i thought a lot about starting the blog new but i worked so hard on all the old posts, so i decided to do a update. also now i have the time to write every 2-3 day, because i'm on exchange in italy (i will soon write a post about it too). 

check out the new features and leave some comments. tomorrow a new post is coming.