Sonntag, 23. November 2014

Pictures and their stories

Pictures from my Instagram Profil

Happy sunday dear readers, 
so today I'm just showing you some of my favorite pictures. I'm doing a lot of pictures everyday, but I don't post them all. I'm not taking pictures for likes I'm taking them to collect moments, that are gone forever. With every picture I take I remember everything that has happened around the picture. 

  1. The first picture took Hamzia. We spent an afternoon by the lake and it was pretty amazing. We talked with some tourists a long time and also took a lot of pictures.
  2. This one was taken by my dad. We were shopping in a outlet in Italy the whole day and I saw these amazing umbrellas and asked my father to do a picture. 
  3. & 4: were taken in Trieste, the city is such a wonderful place and I've been there for a whole day. The food was so delicious there and I ate too much that day, but really could you resist the best ice cream in town? I couldn't! 
So this was my weekly sunday post. Hope you all are healthy, check out my Instagram to see more of my favorite pictures.