Sunday, June 26, 2016

Discovering Sunday

Photos with IPhone 5

happy Sunday,
so maybe you noticed that both of us, Vanessa and me, we were too busy to make a blogpost last week. Recently there are a lot of exams and they all are very important, so we're studying a lot. But on Friday two weeks ago I discovered a new secret place on a top of a hill. My mothers best friends has a restaurant there and I needed to practice driving (I want to get the driver-license as soon as possible). So we went there for eating dinner and I finally met her best friend. When they were talking (and they are talking for hours always) I climbed a tower and had a beautiful view over the whole Aargau. It was breathtaking! So this is my new favorite place and last Friday I've been there another time (pictures will follow). Earlier that day my friend Janelle did my hair and I made me some "Heidi"-Braids. I call them like this, because with the view and the hair ....  
So now I'll go to see the football match after studying physics the whole day
have a nice evening! 

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. 
-Galileo Galilei

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Travel Plans

Hello Everybody :)

I am finally back writing a blog post. The last to weeks have been pretty stressful. We're coming to an end of the school year which means exams, exams and exams. Somehow teachers think it's extremely funny to add projects like we don't already have enough on our plate.
I have two more weeks of exams and then a 2-week exam break, before I have my finals.

Being in quite a stressful situation I love to think about the holidays and with that places I would like to visit. I actually got this idea from Anina (whom you can see in this blog post) and I instantly had to take it up.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is one of the places I mostly want to visit. Sadly it's so far away. New Zealand is beautiful and has so many different landscapes. From Beaches to Cities to Mountains and Geysers everything is there. Also Lord of the rings was filmed there and they don't have any poisonous animals which is a huge bonus.





Even though I have been to Brighton twice, I want to go there again. England, especially Brighton, is a place I would love to live in for a couple of years ( I wrote a post about Brighton here.)

source: my picture


I am generally not a big fan of Australia, not because it isn't beautiful, that would be a total lie, but because there are 9 of the 10 most poised snakes there are on the planet. And I am terrified of snakes.
But there is a special place in Sydney which I'd love to visit. The bondi Icebergs pool.
It's a pool which is so close to the sea, if there are high waves the sea and pool collied.


Hawaii - Kauai:

I have recently seen so many pictures of Hawaii and after looking at them I realised how beautiful it actually is there. 



Has always been a dream destination of mine. I always wanted to go on holiday more north and Iceland is just to pretty not to visit. Especially those ice blu lagoons and these typical houses.




I recently discovered how beautiful Menorca actually is. It's a little island in the mediterranean 
sea and the beaches remind me a little bit of the maldives, just closer to me.



I also added a world map with pins, so you know where all these places are:

From left to right: Hawaii, Iceland (up), Brighton (middle), Menorca (down), Sydney and New Zealand. Again shout out to Anina for having this awesome idea with the world map.

Have a wonderful Wednesday