Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Carrot Muffins

Hello Everybody :)

Last Sunday I was sitting at home wondering what i should do, when a sudden urge overcame me. I wanted to bake something. So I went online and looked up some recipes when I came across this one.

It's a vegan carrot Muffin recipe which is somewhat healthy. I got the recipe from minimalist baker. They have a lot of easy recipe which don't include a lot of ingredients. I changed somethings of the original recipe because I didn't have everything at hand. ( You can find the recipe by clicking here.)

I used rice milk instead of almond milk, because thats the milk we had at home. I could also not find almond meal so I had to process some almonds in a blender. I also only used flour and not the combination which is stated.

The muffins turned out really delicious and I even brought some of them to my grandparents and they also liked them.

One tip I would like to give you is, definitely let the muffins cool down before you eat them, so they won't stick to the paper inserts.

Photo taken by me

Enjoy your day :)


Ps: shoutout to my grandma for helping me take the pictures. Thank you :)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

first ice cream

Photos by me or Anina Junker

Hello everyone,

wuhhuuu I'm very happy that from today on we have two weeks holiday. After a lot of exams it's really what I need. The next week I'll go to a music camp. We'll sing there and we are all kind of students (age 16-25) from Zurich put together in a cantonal choir. This is such a cool idea! My best friend Samuel is coming too and some of my classmates. In the second week I have to study for the pre finals, because we'll finish the scientific subjects this year, but for me it's biology and I like this subject. 

Some weeks ago I went to the center with Anina and we took some pictures of each other. I prefer to take them in black in white, if there's nothing special about the background. We also went to some shops, but we ended up with buying nothing and just criticizing the new collections. We also talked a lot about our exchange, because Anina has done one at the same period as me, but she went to England. Now she has a wonderful British accent, that makes me jealous. Also this week we did a little trip after school and ate some ice-cream. We tried the new application from Instagram called "Boomerang" and it took us some time to capture some cool videos/pictures. I hope we'll do very soon other things together. For now, I wish you a wonderful weekend!