Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Favourite Pictures

Hello everybody :)

spain - valencia

spain - valencia

spain - valencia

England - brighton

germany -  Neuschwanstein

grece - kreta all pictures taken by me

I was looking through my pictures thinking about what I could post, when I figured everyone loves to look at pictures. So here is a collection of some of my favourite pictures I have taken in the last 2 years.

If you have seen my blog post from Thailand and from Brighton you might have noticed, that I love to take sunset/ sunrise pictures. 

Taking pictures of sunsets/sunrises might seem repetitiv but they are never the same and they are really rewarding. You can't really go wrong with sunset/sunrise pictures and the colours are breathtaking even though you never get the same colour on your picture like in real life.

So remember even though taking pictures is amazing don't forget to enjoy every moment and leave technology once in a while at home.

Enjoy your wednesday,


Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hello Everybody :)

The last Weekend we had a vegan "festival" in town. I went to the festival with Anina and we enjoyed a pretty awesome vegan burger.

There were so many food stands and it took us quite awhile to figure out what we want to eat. They didn't only sell food but also make-up and I believe they also had some clothes/shoes.
Sadly it startet to rain pretty heavy which is why we didn't stay there for too long.

How ever i bough 2 small things. 
1. a biotta Smoo'tea which is a smoothie mixed with tea and it is delicious.
2. "Nutty Kiss" Those are little balls which consist of dates and hazelnuts and they are A-mazing

picture by me

I totally forgot to bring my camera with me, which is why I don't have and pictures from the vegana.

I would definitely recommend looking up (vegan) food festivals in your region, because they are delicious and a really fun activity to do :)

Enjoy your Wednesday :)